Bark for Art with Cookie and Putter

There’s a nice trend of showing and selling great art pieces for the benefit of helpless animals and it is through a follower on Twitter that I got to know about the Friends of Cookeville and Putnam Co. TN’s “The Best Is Yet To Come” art event. It always fun to dress up and go to a fund raising event for our four legged friends and with the weather just being delightful right now I can’t think of a better time to don your finest Summer attire, enjoy refreshments, make friends, and purchase art all in the name of animals in need. This art event features over 30 artists from all over the US and there is one notable artist that you know well and that is famed singer Tony Bennett. We’re in a time where donations have certainly been fewer than ever and the need happens to be greater. So I’m urging you to attend what will be a most elegant and worthy event that spreads over 2 days this coming weekend. To get more info simply follow this link and to become a follower of @Cookieandputter on Twitter go here.


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