Twitter A Fabulous World Community #Pawpawty Helps Animals in Need



Twitter has proven that you can create communities made up of people from all over the world by sending out a tweet. Still fairly new myself to Twitter I will say there is a learning curve as to all the wonderful things you can do with this new phenom. Yes a simple message with only 140 characters is more powerful than you can imagine. An example of creativity by one of the anipals on Twitter is Frugal Dougal who created the #pawpawty. Frugal Dougal is a 13 year old cairn terrier. On a daily basis I would see the hashtag #pawpawty but hadn’t grasped the concept of the hashtag reference. So I sent out my tweet this morning asking someone to explain the #pawpawty. I would like to send a shout out to @sylviedog and @dogstories for hipping me to the #pawparty and a great article that made it all very clear. #pawpawty was created by @frugaldougal and about once a month, a virtual party is organized to raise money for animal rescue organizations.  Hey I thought I want to be a part of the #pawpawty after all if there’s a pawty I want to be invited. Frugal Dougal is from England and I’m a Brit living in Vegas so I felt an instant connection to the mother land and to the cause of #pawpawty site. You can join the pawty here and donate here I loved the idea of #pawpawty and bringing people from all over the world together for a worthy cause and instantly wanted to be involved in the next rockin’ paws in the air #pawpawty. I intend to donate a Vegas Rock Dog TM gift to the next pawty as that is an exciting part of the event and I urge you to get involved. Here’s the full article link here and if you’re on Twitter follow us @


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