Lion Reunion-One Amazing Story

Although this is a story that is more than 30 years old it has come to light due to a new book. It is the true story of friendship and love between man and animal. In this case it is two British men and a lion named Christian who are the deepest of friends in this book. The two now much older gentlemen essentially rescued a lion cub from Harrods of London back in the 1960’s. They raised him for a year with the sincerest intention of returning him to his natural habitat in Africa. Indeed they released him and felt it was their responsibility to do so. I’m sure this was one difficult nad painful goodbye. A year later they decided to return to Africa to see Christian despite being told that he was now a wild lion. They still took that trip and this is when when a most miraculous reunion happened. Click here to see the original footage and then click here to see one of their recent interviews on Fox News. Anyone who has a love for animals will shed a tear. Anyone who didn’t believe in the bond between man and animal will be forever changed once seeing the footage. Enjoy!


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