St. Patrick’s Day Not Just A Celebration for Humans


Henderson held it’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade downtown this past weekend. I was delighted to see how many animals were in the parade.  Of course there were a gorgeous pair of Irish Wolf Hounds, many horses both standard and miniature sizes but my favourite was the Las Vegas Hot Diggity Dachshund Club and Rescue. The club and rescue is headed by the lovely and dedicated Leilani who grew up with dachshunds as a child and her love affair for them continued into her adult life.  What I love about the rescue is that once you rescue a dachshund you have the benefit of joining their club. With that membership comes a ready made support system for you as an owner and a whole new bunch of friends for your newly rescued best friend.  There are currently 499 members, they meet regularly and hold really and I mean really fun events. Check out their Hallo-Wiener video to experience these wieners in action. When these lovable dogs get together it’s a sight to behold…you can only smile.  As with all rescues they depend on their members support and contributions to maintain the crucial services that they provide.  If you want to help the rescue with a donation please click this link and scroll down to the PayPal sign. Those little dogs will be forever grateful for your help.


One thought on “St. Patrick’s Day Not Just A Celebration for Humans

  1. Sam:

    Super article thanks so much. Sorry that I missed the parade, but I had a couple of home visits to do for the wee wienee’s. Hope to see you soon, saw hi to Jim and take care. Barbara aka Crazy Wienee Dog Lady!


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