Rescue Dog to Move into Swanky White House Digs


There’s going to be one lucky Portuguese Water Dog moving into the White House. The greatest part of this story is that the Obama’s new dog is going to come from a rescue.  As with anyone in the public eye like the Obama family there is always a swell of people wanting to follow in their footsteps. Remember the rise of Chihuahua purchases after Paris Hilton was seen out and about with her many dogs. Well, The Portuguese Water Dog is a breed that needs plenty of exercise as this dog has great stamina, it can out think it’s owner so it needs to be well trained, and they are notorious chewers. The last thing that needs to happen out of the Obama’s adoption is a rise in people wanting a Portuguese Water Dog that is not suited for their lifestyle resulting in more abandoned dogs. There could however also be a flip side and that is if a shelter dog is cool enough for the President it’s cool enough for me. Let’s hope the flip side becomes the trend. Below is an interesting history of this soon to be famous breed.

According to the American Kennel club, The Portuguese Water Dog or Cao de Agua – once existed all along Portugal’s 500 mile Atlantic coast, where herded fish into the nets, retrieved lost tackle or broken nets, and worked as a courier from ship to ship, or ship to shore. Portuguese Water Dogs rode in cod boats as they worked their way from Ports like Aveiro, Peniche and Setubal to the waters off the coast of Iceland where the fleets caught codfish to salt and bring home. Cao means dog, de Agua means of water. In Portugal the breed dog is also known as the Portuguese Fishing Dog. Cao de Agua de Pelo Ondulado is the name given the long haired variety, and Cao de Ague de Pelo Encaradolado is the name for the curly-coat variety. Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy has two Portuguese water dogs.

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