America’s Greatest Dog! Did Your Favourite Take Home The Trophy?

Did you see the finale episode of America’s Greatest Dog?  Most dogs lovers that I know preferred watching this exciting and fun show over any other prime time show on a Wednesday evening.  Here at Vegas Rock Dog TM we were not the exception to the rule either. Although at times it was difficult to hear the show with the Vegas Rock Dogs TM Galaxy and Thornton barking at the screen. In dog speak they were probably cheering on their personal favourites. Both of our dogs got all kerfuffled at the sight of Preston the rock star! Maybe it was his rock ‘n’ roll hair and fly grooming…or possibly how smart he is. But behind every smart dog is in this case a smart woman with great intentions. This is where Laura Nativo steps in and if there ever was a role model for the America’s Greatest owner this is the one to follow.  If you were unfortunate enough to not catch the show you must at least find past episodes and wonder at the loyal, dedicated, and loving team that Preston and Laura made up. I think we should nick name them Lauston..or even Presra…aw come on let’s keep it Hollywood. I personally was inspired (and guilted) into committing more time to both the Vegas Rock Dogs after witnessing all things Lauston. In all honesty all teams were to be envied for their accomplishments and I’m predicting that many an American dog is getting that extra attention since their owners watched the show.  I personally met Laura and Preston and will be bringing you more news from team Lauston.  Pet ownership is on the rise and that’s a large portion of the viewing population so expect to see a pack of new pet focused shows emerging on your television set…the Vegas Rock Dogs will be watching closely.

Photo courtesy of CBS


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