A Better World Through Kindness

I just got this email in my inbox and wanted to share this with all you.  Please forward this blog post to all your animal loving friends.
Let’s celebrate the end of Summer by spreading the word about these animals in need!
LAS VEGAS, NV–Mommy’s got cancer and has gone into hospice care, so now 3 middle-aged kitties (10, 6 and 5yrs old) could really use your help in finding new homes.  These two females and one male were pampered with regular grooming sessions and good vet care but now mom is in hospice and literally everything has been tried to find them homes.  If you know of a foster or adoptive situation (especially one where this bonded threesome could stay together), please contact: Michelle caligyrl62@yahoo.com (702) 576-3843 (Sorry, no photos available at press time.)
PAHRUMP, NV–Blame it on the economy, folks.  This hard-working rescue tried to keep the doors open but the winds shifted and there are some long-timers in the kennels who really could use some loving patience and a new place to call home.  These shy doggies are all stars in their own way–they just need to be “discovered”.

Anna: female 5yo Catahoula Shepherd Mix; people pleaser; would do better as the only dog but likes cats.

Wesley: 6yo Newfoundland Mix; a boy who likes his space and asks not to have any furry roommates (especially cats); finds his Zen with his stuffed toy Monkey.

Reed Ryder: male 2yo Shepherd Mix; this big boy throws his weight around only if other dogs tell him he’s intimidating, otherwise he’s just a big lug.

Donnie: male 2yo Heeler Mix; a good social mixer with other dogs; not fond of riding in the car and needs help understanding that big scary noises don’t always mean big scary consequences.

Tiger: male 4yo Heeler (Wolfhound?) Mix; this boy’s fond of BOTH other dogs and of car rides; lots of zest.

Victor: male 2yo Golden Retriever Mix; like a fine wine, opens up slowly but well to both other dogs and people.

Gabriella: female 2yo Rottweiler Mix; the group’s cheerleader, sweet and sociable to all and seeks some confidence-building.

Rowena:  female 2yo Shar Pei Terrier Chow Mix; sociable most of the time and loves a good joke.
Please contact:  Margie admin@leashes4life.org
(775) 727-5877
ELKO/SPRING CREEK, NV–Some with enough attitude to win on American Idol, others more like wall flowers waiting to bloom, this group of cats is already missing their mom after she was admitted to a nursing home.
Mom’s daughter is devoting much of her time and pocketbook to getting everyone vaccinated, vetted and ready for the world. This week we have a couple of photos of the adults and next week we’ll show you the kittens.

Mitty burst upon the scene one day and decided he should stay; estimated age 2yrs; dominant and smart fellow who might be happier if he were the center of attention; loves senior citizens.
Mitty’s sister Dolly, who tagged along with her brother to crash the party; shy girl but one who loves cuddling in front of the TV. 
There are also hand-raised and friendly kittens, Tuffy the apricot Tiger who’s special needs (birth defect in sinus) but all love, Polly Jean a wall flower who’s ready to be doted over and a cast of characters. 
Please contact: Mary Ann ghnevada@frontiernet.net (775) 753-6765
LAS VEGAS, NV–It’s not a kissing disease or a curtain call, but FIV is still an obstacle to overcome in terms of finding a home.  That’s Grey Kitty’s burden, but this robust young adult male Tabby just shrugs his shoulders and puckers up for his next kiss.  Will you be smitten with this kissing fool?
Please contact:  Sue swhitehsd@cox.net (702) 871-0754
IVINS, UT–Can we get a witness?  Friends of Ivins Animal Shelter (FIAS) is up to now the unsung no-kill shelter of southern Utah. They’re filled to the brim now with both dogs and cats, and would really appreciate more foster homes to help continue their good work. They also need help in rebuilding their facility, which is well overdue for repairs.
For more information on how you can help this hard-working shelter, please contact:
Linda lindafias@msn.com(435) 673-1718; (435) 669-7043 
The animals portrayed in this alert are just a few of the deserving and sometimes out-of-luck souls who need just a little bit of patience and someone to give them another chance at happiness.  Please circulate and forward this alert to all your animal loving friends and acquaintances.
You don’t have to adopt an animal to be a part of the Kindness Revolution.  Please consider fostering or helping in another way at your local shelter or rescue group. 
We thank you for being a Best Friends Member,
because you make a difference in the lives of animals.
Kind regards,
Alix McMurray
Animal Help Department
Alix McMurray, Animal Help Dept., alixm@bestfriends.org
Best Friends Animal Society, 5001 Angel Canyon Road, Kanab, Utah 84741


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