Participate in the Bark Buckle UP Event

Bark Buckle Up has arrived in Las Vegas and I’m delighted to be able to tell you all about this important program.  My husband and I recently took a trip to San Diego along with our two dogs Galaxy and Thornton. Our biggest concern was safety while travelling and how safe our dogs would be in the vehicle.  Whether you take a short trip to the vet or a long vacation road trip your dogs need to be safe and secure while you travel.  If this is the only event you go to this year I’m sure it will be one of the more valuable ones to attend.  Bark Buckle UP is a pet safety program travelling across the country educating pet owners about the safety of travelling with your pet. The founder of Bark Buckle UP Christina Selter works with local fire and police departments when she hosts her educational events.  The Las Vegas event is going to be held Saturday August 2nd at the Volvo dealership in Las Vegas where Christina will be demonstrating the many travel products that her program recommends for a safe ride.  Additionally you’ll be able to enjoy free snacks, have a photograph taken of your pet, and win prizes! On our trip to San Diego we chose to use dog seat belts in the back seat for Galaxy and Thornton and I cannot stress enough the use of peace of mind that we had knowing our dogs were safe.  For more information on Bark Buckle UP click on the following link.


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