Vegas Rock Dog TM Races Across America

Rock ‘n’ roll dog clothing line Vegas Rock DogÔ connects Las Vegas to The Race Across America. The Race Across America is a three thousand mile cycling race from Oceanside, CA, to Annapolis, MD. The owners of Vegas Rock DogÔ Samantha Ratcliffe-D’Arrigo and James D’Arrigo have a family connection to the British team CRY Randox. Mark Jones part of the impressive CRY Randox sixteen man support team is married to Samantha’s twin sister. Vegas Rock DogÔ was asked to be one of the team’s sponsors and provide clothing to help the team get across the country. The team aimed for a top three finish in the four man category and accomplished that in just 6 days 10.51 hours. The team raised funds for the medical research on cardiac risk in youth hence the name team “CRY” and raised the equivalent of $50,000.
Vegas Rock Dog Ô dressed them confidently in red and the dedicated day for the attire will be day four of the race. Samantha and James personally went to Oceanside to meet the team comprised of dieticians massage therapists, navigators, physical therapists, bike mechanics, drivers, organizers, and a medical research team to wish them luck.
The couple were so impressed by the level of training and dedication that they decided to join the 2009 eight man team not only as sponsors but James is going to be a team rider himself. The 2009 race will support a charity to be announced and Vegas Rock DogÔ is actively seeking sponsorship and donations.





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