Pet Travel Made Easy

We dread leaving the Vegas Rock Dogs behind when we have to go out of town.  This Summer we are about to embark on a four day trip to California with Galaxy and Thornton.  Our trip is one for business and pleasure so planning ahead was crutial for the trip to go smoothly.  I was delighted that a lot of the work was done for me by some very helpful pet friendly sites.  Most of them covered pet friendly hotels, restaurants, attractions, beaches, and additional useful information.  I started looking for a hotel and came across this great site that listed the pet friendly hotels in my area with their pet policies and fees.  It made choosing a hotel very easy. As a tip I would check the reviews for the hotels as it can give you a good snap shot of the experience you can expect to have. One hotel that I checked had a review that said they were put in a hotel room near a stairwell where there was an incredible amount of foot traffic and strange noises.  This made her dog jumpy and caused a lot of barking. So, it’s worth reading the reviews and possibly picking up a tip or two.  Another site that I visited for pet friendly establishments and beaches was Pet Friendly Travel.  I particularly liked this site as it was easy to navigate and it covered just about everything you would need for travel.  Aside from the hotel and researching the area I created my packing list for Galaxy and Thornton.  This also included a visit to the vet for flea and tic medication for California and a first aid kit.  In order for you to have the easiest time preparing and packing you can download the list I created for this trip by clicking the link below.  As an aid to other pet travellers staying at these pet friendly hotels and establishments I am going to write my own reviews. We’ll be blogging about our Vegas Rock Dog trip…so keep posted and happy travelling.

Click the link to download your pet travel checklist

Pet Travel Checklist

Click here to download your Pet In Room Door Hanger

Pet In Room Door Hanger



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