dog. A Place for the Big and Modern



Recently opened in Las Vegas is the upscale boutique and spa named simply “dog.” Despite being in their opening phase and adding new elements every day they are attracting lots of new pooches to their place.  The owners of dog. Kristin and Ute clearly have an undeniable love for dogs as you will experience when you visit the salon/boutique.  Friendly is not even the word, it’s so welcoming that I spent a good two hours chatting about all things dogs and business.  Kristin is a regular at Acasia Park with her stunning Great Dane Erica and I remember the conversations about her dream business. It is wonderful to see someone realise their dreams.  dog. is the type of place that your dog will be excited to visit, it’s decorated with dessert tones, comfy couches, music, cookies for your dogs, and staff that will become your dogs best friend.  In a time where customer service is dwindling it is refreshing to feel appreciated as you walk through their doors.  I just know that dog. is going to become a dog community hang out.  Plans for dog. include their own line of spa products, a select line of dog clothing and accessories and a cappucino machine for the humans who visit…that’s enough to keep me coming back.  So, what makes this place a little different than other grooming businesses is that they cater to the BIG DOG.  The days of struggling with your bigger than big dog are over.  Your big dog will simply walk into the big dog shower, no lifting, no panicking just a walk in the park.  It’s a win win for the owner, the groomer and of course the VIP (Very Important Pooch). dog. is an experience and it only ends when your pooch poses for a photograph to be placed in the dog. walk of fame book. It’s something to bark about. dog. is giving you a $10.00 off a groom coupon!!! It’s a one time coupon and just tell them you saw dog. on the Vegas Rock Dog Blog!


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