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Mauro Spina of Beverly Hills ~ Pet Care Products

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One of the most interesting people I’ve met this year so far is Mauro Spina of Mauro Pet Care He was in Vegas promoting his new line of pet care products at the Super Zoo pet industry event.

Mauro comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge about products that detoxify, cleanse, soothe, condition, heal, and refresh the skin and hair. His experience in the hair industry started in London England where this Italian transplant soon became as famous as his clientele. Mauro didn’t stop at styling clients, he opened hair dressing schools throughout Europe. Before long he found himself crossing the pond to Beverley Hills where he opened his salon.

Mauro gained notoriety for his continued efforts to develop a carefully crafted hand-tailored holistic line of all natural hair and scalp treatment programs to promote proper health and eliminate the widespread use of toxic hair care products that harm the body and the environment. Now, after enjoying many successful decades of extensive human testing trials, Mauro is proud to share what was previously only reserved for his highest profile client – his beautiful Doberman Pinscher, Tina.

Mauro now offers a full range of aromatherapy health, coat and skin care products developed exclusively for those who depend on us most – our beloved pets.

You can expect a high quality product free of parabens and sulphates yet packed with natural organic ingredients like argan and hemp oil.

This week I tested his line and was highly impressed. Don’t expect lots of suds and bubbles as this shampoo is free of sulphates…which is a good thing. However do expect a thoroughly cleansed and conditioned skin and coat. My dogs Galaxy and Thornton have sometimes reacted to the fragrance of shampoos in a negative way way so I was observant to their reaction as I only want soothing products on their skin and hair. There was no reaction at all which was great. Same with the conditioner. I liked the instructions to ruffle the hair the opposite way to expose the skin and then spray onto the skin and hair…..not forgetting to give you dog lots of positive reinforcement. There’s no need to rinse just towel dry and away you go.

The softness and shine on Galaxy and Thornton’s hair was very noticeable…and a bonus for my little Thornton who is now coming into allergy season for the second time this year showed no signs of itching after using this product. Mauro’s line is very affordable for such a quality product and our pets certainly deserve the very best.


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Mauro Pet Care Products

Our British Adventure

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We’ve been quiet for a few weeks due to a fabulous trip that we took back to England. It was a family visit with a charity event and lots of fun thrown in for good measure. The only downside to our visit was that we didn’t travel with our dogs Galaxy and Thornton. So we decided to give them their own vacation with Kym’s Kritter Kare. Kym is wonderful and without her we would have never fully enjoyed our trip. With email and photo updates from Kym we felt very connected to them the entire time that we were away.

Once I landed in England I was met by my family and whisked back to Sheffield to get a quick shower and head out to a rehearsal for the Zumbathon event that me and two of my sisters were holding. My sisters and I teach Zumba and the Zumbathon was planned to raise money for Neurocare and Cash for Kids. We had also asked attendees to donate pet supplies to benefit the Sheffield RSPCA. It was lovely to be able to do something for my hometown pet rescue facility.

Our venue was the Sheffield City Hall and simply spectacular. We couldn’t have had a nicer staff to work with and as you can see from the photo below we had an incredible attendance. The two hour event went so quickly and the atmosphere was electrifying. To be able to perform with my sisters was so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again. We raised 1,920 pounds and collected a lot of pet supplies.


I had been in touch with the Sheffield RSPCA prior to the event and was really excited to be able to meet Steve and the staff, deliver the supplies, and tour the facility. Impressed doesn’t even come close to how I feel about the facility and what they do for the animals that come in. The dogs have a two part kennel with the front of the kennel allowing them to get fresh air and look outside and then the rear of the kennel is inside the building. The floors are heated and they have their beds and toys for comfort. We saw some of the dogs and there was one in particular who caught our eye and that was Piglet. She had come in with mange and red raw skin. Oh she was cute and I was half expecting my husband to want to take her back to Vegas with us. She looked so healthy. The tour was interesting and it was nice for me and my family to be there together. The facility boasts kennels for the dogs, a maternity ward for the cats, an agility course, event space, shop, and an operating room.



The Sheffield RSPCA is clean, bright, and welcoming. If ever feel it would upset you to go and look at the animals needing homes please put that concern aside. Once you see this great place and the care these animals get you will be so happy that the Sheffield RSPCA exists. I have to say it was one of the highlights of my trip. It left me wanting to get back to England to do more for them.





Every time I go home I love to see as much history as possible. We visited so many places and one thing I did notice no matter what city we were in was that the Jack Russell and Springer Spaniel were popular breed amongst others.


Every time we saw a dog we were reminded how much we missed our own dogs and I have to say we had my sister’s dogs as a comfort. Below is Princess Madonna she slept with us every night. This trip was so memorable I cannot wait to get back.


You can donate to the Sheffield RSPCA here Sheffield RSPCA
To attend one of my sisters’ Zumba classes In Sheffield go to Dance Star UK

I’m going to close this post with a few photos of our trip….enjoy!
















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