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Boulder City’s Historic Railroad Track

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The current weather in Las Vegas is beyond spectacular and the perfect time of year for long walks. My favourite walk is the historic railroad track in Boulder City. The trail is flat and rises above Lake Mead where the views are breathtaking.  From the trailhead to the Hoover Dam parking garage is 3.7 miles long and takes you through the actual railroad tunnels. I simply love photography and what better way to document a walk than through beautiful photos. Jim, Galaxy, Thornton, Mr Twix, and myself had a wonderful morning.




~ Sam The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll Dogs
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Vegas Rock Dog Radio Guest Interview~ Dr Brandi Bradshaw and Dr Job Krugly Human and Pet Chiropractors

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You’ve heard of chiropractic for humans but how about chiropractic for your pets? Dr Brandi Bradshaw and Dr Job Krugly talk about the benefits of chiropractic for you and your pets.

Click here to listen to the show.

~ Sam The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll Dogs
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Vegas Rock Dog Radio Guest Interview ~ Jen Kramling and Serena Schade of the V Animal Sanctuary

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Exciting times are ahead for Jen Kramling and Serena Schade as they get closer to the opening the V Animal Sanctuary in Las Vegas. It is not only is a sanctuary for farm animals but a sanctuary for people too.

Click here to listen to the show.

~ Sam The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll Dogs
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Vegas Rock Dog Radio Guest Interview ~ Entertainer, comedienne, rabble-rouser, sex bomb, and dog lover Hannah Elisabeth

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Hannah Elisabeth is an entertainer, comedienne, and dog lover. You may know her for her web series My Big Blonde Life or as a rabble-rouser and sex bomb. Enjoy Brit and Brat as we named ourselves in this fun rocking hour of radio.


Click here to listen to my interview. ~ Sam

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Listen To Vegas Rock Dog Radio on Pet Life Radio

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Listen To Vegas Rock Dog Radio on Pet Life Radio

I’m thrilled to announce that my radio show Vegas Rock Dog Radio can now be heard on the Pet Life Radio network. I’m in good company with other shows on the network such as Victoria Stillwell and Arden Moore. You can listen to my shows a your leisure through the Pet Life site or download episodes from iTunes.




Radio interview with actor James Zito

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My guest last week was actor and celebrity DJ James Zito often known as Jimmy Z. Jimmy is no stranger to a Hollywood film set, he has a passion for music and animals.

Click here to listen to the show.
~ Sam

Rally for Change

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November 23rd was an important day in Las Vegas. The very first Rally for Change was held outside of our high kill city shelter the Animal Foundation. It is important to note that the Animal Foundation was formerly known as Lied and many people even long time residents were not only unaware of the name change but were not aware that it was a high kill shelter. In 2012 24,000 animals were euthanized. That’s 61% of dogs and cats that entered the shelter. You probably have your mouth wide open at reading those numbers. It evokes feeling of heartbreak, sadness, and anger. A shelter is to be a place of protection and a chance start a new chapter in a pet’s life. With our shelter there’s always the feeling of panic, dread and despair that once a pet ends up at the Animal Foundation it’s the end of the road for them.

So with that said the No Kill LV movement was born out of this need to change our shelter from high kill to no kill.
Awareness is the first step and I’m already seeing that awareness grow in the community. A supporter of NKLV created a video to give our residents a clear picture of what is happening at the shelter and how we’re going to change it.
Click here to watch this incredible video and please would share it with your friends whether they live in Las Vegas or not. The more people who see it, the more awareness it creates, the more pressure we can place on the shelter to fully, wholeheartedly, and compassionately adopt the no kill model.

I was honoured to co emcee the rally. 400 people came out in the rain….people do not go out in the rain in Vegas…unless they care about animals that is. The rain wasn’t a big deal at all, the atmosphere was positive and the feeling that we could make this change was very strong.

You would think such a positive change to no kill would be one that everyone would embrace. There are always going to be those glass half empty people. Only this morning was there a man saying we should be less concerned with the animals and focus on the irresponsible people. It’s very easy to get into a petty argument with those types. Public education is definitely one of the no kill model components and so is a shelter doing all they can to rehome the pets. The easiest way to handle these people is to recruit them. It either scares them away from actually stepping up or they get on board. If they’re so “wise” in what the solution is recruit them. My reply to the man today was, “Are you involved in the public education of pet ownership? If not I would recommend you get involved as it’s one of the components of the no kill model”. As of now I have yet to get a reply.

Despite how we feel about about the Animal Foundation our efforts to refer people to them for adoptions has been a high priority. We want people to go there first when wanting to adopt and we urge owner surrenders to go to one of the no kill rescues.
With all movements pressure and consistency is the key. They just have to know that we’re not going away until this change happens.

The rally took place in a park opposite the Animal Foundation. The park is named Freedom Park….my wish is that pets who go into the Animal Foundation all get a chance to step out of their front doors, walk across the street, and truly experience freedom over at Freedom Park.

Get involved
No Kill Las Vegas
Animal Help Alliance
Go Vegas Dog
No Kill Las Vegas video








Vegas Rock Dog Radio Guest Will Edwards

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I was very fortunate to become friends with Will Edwards after a mutual friend of ours made an introduction. I am oh so grateful for that intro as we have become friends….friends that laugh a lot. Will Edwards is the host of Las Vegas’ ONLY late night variety show The Will Edwards Show that currently airs on Cox channel 12 MYLVTV with repeat episodes on Youtube. Me and my husband were guests on Will’s show and to say it was fun was an understatement.

Today was my pleasure to have Will on my show and as I predicted it would probably be hard to keep on topic. He has this uncanny way of making you feel like you’re in the Will bubble. In that bubble you are so relaxed and so yourself that you never know where the conversation will go. We had a great hour talking about his career, his cats, and other topics.
Click here here to listen to the show.


Muffin’s Halo ~ Truly an angel of a product

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Meet Rocky! Have you ever seen a more angelic looking face? Well Rocky is a special needs dog in that he is vision impaired. As you can see he is wearing his halo angel wings. Those angelic wings and halo are not only adorable but very instrumental in helping blind or sight impaired dogs move around in a way that keeps them safe from injury.
This product is called Muffin’s Halo The story behind the creation of Muffin’s Halo comes from an adorable dog called Muffin. Muffin very sadly lost his vision at age twelve after getting cataracts. For Sylvie, Muffin’s loving owner this gave her so much heartache as Muffin struggled to get around bumping into walls and furniture. Worried for his safety and quality of life Sylvie channeled her love and devotion for Muffin into designing a product that would keep him safe from those dangerous bumps.
After meeting the Muffin’s Halo team at Superzoo and being blown away by their product I wanted to do a product test and review. So to make this happen I reached out to my network of pet lovers to find either a blind or sight impaired dog. In steps Rocky. What were the chances of finding a dog that looked so much like Muffin? Clearly it was meant to be. After meeting Rocky and his owner Jeannie we started on the journey of getting the right size Muffin’s Halo for him. A few simple measurements later and then Rocky was sent on his way to product test.

Below are the questions I posed to Jeanie and Rocky and these were their answers.

1. How easy was it to put the Muffin’s Halo together?
The instructions could be larger

2. How was the fit for the size Halo you were given?
Good! But a little bulky.

3. How did Rocky adapt once the Halo was put on?
At first, it was awkward, then he started to move with it on. (I think this is pretty normal)

4. Did you find it would be a benefit to blind and sight impaired dogs to use the Halo?
Absolutely, yes!

5. Did you like the material the Halo was made out of?
I think it was fine, but a little bulky.

6. Would you be interested in other colours and designs?

7. Have you ever seen another product like this?
No, but I showed it to Rocky’s Ophthalmologist and he liked it.

8. Any additional points you’d like to mention? Feel free to add them here.
Just that it was unclear how to put it together.

Final Thoughts
Clearly Muffin’s Halo is a functional product, that works, that keeps your pet safe, and that Ophthalmologists are liking.
As with all products over time you will see tweaks and updates. Reviews like this from real users help companies perfect their products and I would like to thank Muffin’s Halo and Rocky for bringing you this great product and honest review. They didn’t win Superzoo’s top 8 products for no reason.


Take a look at this video as Muffin the inspiration behind Muffin’s Halo takes a trip to his Aunt Debbie’s house.
Do you have a dog or know of a dog that could benefit from wearing Muffin’s Halo? Well we have a wonderful opportunity for one lucky dog to win a Muffin’s Halo
How To Enter
Simple click this link to enter our Rafflecopter contest. Make sure you follow all the steps to qualify for the giveaway.


Vegas Rock Dog Radio premier show with Nina Radetich

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Many of you have followed the re-branding of the Hot Diggity Dog Radio Show to Vegas Rock Dog Radio. It took a couple of weeks to make that happen smoothly before the premiere show. November 9th was the launch of the new format and I couldn’t have been more thrilled than to have Nina Radetich as my guest.

Nina is someone I’ve tweeted with for many years, she had been in my living room every evening yet we had never met. Nina Radetich was a beloved Las Vegas television personality bringing news into our homes each and every day until she embarked on a new chapter in business. Over a year ago Nina opened New Media Strategies where her company’s passion is your business. They know how to promote your business effectively on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Pinterest, and Instagram. New Media Strategies is a creative team that delivers a level of service second to none.

Speaking of the team there’s a special member and that is Roxy. She writes the very entertaining company blog and believe me she has an opinion. Roxy came to the studio and I found her to be a lovely soul.

To listen to the show for the first time or once again click here and enjoy the hour we spent talking about pets, babies, social media, and more.

Find Me
Vegas Rock Dog Radio

Studio Fifty Paw©

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Last week was ones the most fun weekends that I’ve ever experienced. As the owner of Vegas Rock Dog™ Vegas Rock Dog™ and the host of Vegas Rock Dog Radio I got to host my first year anniversary party of the radio show. Event production is one of my fortes and putting Studio Fifty Paw© together was beyond fun. As with all of my events I raise funds for dog rescue and this time it was the for the Las Vegas Hot Diggity Dachshund Club and Rescue

The event was held at Barking Dogs and was a disco Studio Fifty Paw© theme. Local Las Vegas celebrities graced the green grass “red” carpet for photos, then walked through the shimmer curtain into the disco. Celebrity DJ Jimmy Z was spinning the best of disco under the glittering disco ball and lights. The ambiance was fantastic, the lights were low, the music was pumping, the drinks were flowing, the dogs enjoyed their appawtizers, goody bags were given to all the attendees and the raffle table was heaving with people buying tickets for some incredible prizes.

20131113-120822.jpg Kathy and Craig Patterson friends and the owners of Barking Dogs in Las Vegas.
Here’s the video and we hope you’ll join us for the next Studio Fifty Paw©

Enjoy the photos from Studio Fifty Paw©

20131113-121127.jpg Luis Reyes the Gene Simmons of Las Vegas.


20131113-121339.jpg Cheryl Prater Mrs North America 2012



20131113-121557.jpg. Singer Mark O’Toole


20131113-121712.jpg Travis Cloer of Jersey Boys

20131113-121746.jpg. Luis Reyes with my dogs Galaxy and Thornton

20131113-121827.jpg Heather Mariana of Beauty Kitchen and Lucky Louis pet products.

20131113-121930.jpg Custom art by Tommy Vinci of Cartoons and Chaos.

20131113-122013.jpg The cast of Menopause The Musical.

20131113-122058.jpg. Celebrity DJ Jimmy Z


20131113-122157.jpg Attendees could choose their own background for the green screen photography inside the event.

20131113-122259.jpg. The wonderful Debra and Brett Halby donated their Dachshund Reisling Wine to my event.




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It’s Hallowiener Time! Boo!

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On the event front there’s a super duper fun event coming up. The 10th Hallowiener event in Las Vegas is held by the Hot Diggity Dachshund Club and Rescue and is their main fundraiser for the year. This year is special as this is their 10th annual Hallowiener.

Traditionally this event was a members only event where you could see up to 600 owners and their dachshunds enjoying an off leash time in a secure park area. However since their goal is to raise funds they’ve opted to allow dogs 25lbs and under to attend as well as the members. This was a way to respect the members by keeping the size of the dogs small.

At the Hallo-Wiener they will have a raffle with tons of fabulous prizes from their sponsors, a Silent Auction, Costume Contest, a Photographer, Music, Games, Food, Vendors, and of course Dachshund Races.

For those of you with doxies that love attention and giving kisses they have a Belly Rub Contest and a Kissing Contest. If you would like to have a great time with your doxies or small dog and help them to continue saving Dachshunds through their Dachshund Rescue then this is an event you shouldn’t miss.

Kellogg Zaher Dog Park info

Hallowiener Info

Princess Patty

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Meet Patty…..isn’t she adorable?
I’ve been following Patty’s story for over a week now. Her photo came across my Facebook newsfeed and what I saw and what I read was one of the most horrific cases of animal abuse I’ve ever seen.

This poor little girl had been skinned and stabbed and left in a park in Detroit. A kind person contacted the police and Providing for Paws rescue. What they saw was this sweet girl in the most horrendous and shocking condition they could have ever imagined. Now for a rescue to even make that statement you know it had to be bad.

Rarely will I post such a graphic photo but sometimes I feel that when there’s an emotional reaction people spring into action. Patty invoked that reaction in thousands of people who were incredulous as to what they were seeing.

So lovely Patty came into the care of Providing for Paws, a volunteer only based organization that provides low cost spay neuter, and food assistance to help pet owners keep their pets in the home. Their programmes prevent owners from dumping their pets at the rescue due to poor economic low income situations. I find this type of programme to be a valuable one that helps humans and pets. The organization soon became the go to organization when animals like Patty were needing help. They don’t say no and they show up and do everything they can. This was so apparent with Patty who has at this point received three surgeries on her little 9lb body. The surgeries and care she received were made possible by the donations from compassionate pet lovers just like you.

I was fortunate to have one of the volunteers at the rescue call in for an interview on my radio show. Her name is Jamie Chapman and boy is she ever a compassionate human being. She’s the person who has replied to every inquiry about Patty, every like and comment on Facebook. Patty now has her own community of Patty fans wishing her well and donating to Providing for Paws. She’s become an ambassador for other pets in need.

What I particularly liked about this organization is that yes Patty’s situation was dire and heartbreaking, and yes there is an open investigation into her abuse, however they shifted away from the negative in a very swift way with her story. The shift was to a positive note filled with hope, with daily updates of photos and videos, and thank yous to the community. Each day I looked for the updates and with each one my heart didn’t ache so much as the day before.

Jamie tells me she is the most resilient little girl and is showing her sassy side with a new coat and the pinkest of pink nails.

I do hope you will visit their site and see the wonderful work they are doing for the humans and pets of Metro Detroit. To follow Patty’s progress you can like her personal page and donations can be made by clicking this link

We wish you well Patty…you’re going to have a precious life filled to the brim with love and kisses!

My Appearance on Fox 5 Vegas ~ National Dog Day and How To Pamper Your Pet

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I had the opportunity to make a guest appearance on Fox 5 Vegas to talk about National Dog Day, what it means, why we participate, and how to celebrate with your own dog.

Click the link below
National Dog Day and How To Pamper Your Pet

Beauty Kitchen…pampering for both you and your dog.

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I was invited to Heather Marianna’s launch event of her newest line for Beauty Kitchen Lucky Luciano’s. Lucky Luciano’s a pet care line inspired by one of her own dogs Luciano.

Luciano was rescued from Adopt A Rescue Pet and her pet product line donates 15% of the sales back to the rescue.

Heather is well known for her online tv show Beauty Kitchen where she creates and demonstrates how to take ingredients from your kitchen and make the most effective and luxurious in home spa treatments. Complimenting her popular tv show are her Beauty Kitchen products ranging from scrubs to fizzy bath bombs all of which you can buy online
I tried her acai berry fizzy bath bomb and rose petal sugar scrub this past weekend. The smell of the bath bomb was delicious and my skin was so soft from the scrub. I loved both products.





The weekend was also a weekend of pampering for my two dogs Galaxy and Thornton.

They had the pleasure of being showered in Lucky Luciano’s luxury shampoo the shampoo has organic aloe, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Essential Oils, Vitamin E, Hemp Oil, Jewel Weed, Powdered Honey and Silk amino acids. Galaxy and Thornton were left with the softest fur and smelling absolutely devine.


I truly love products that work, and also give back and Heather Marianna provides you with both.
If you are in the Las Vegas area you can purchase Lucky Luciano’s at Lulu’s Doggie Salon and Spaw and also at Paw Prints. All of Beauty Kitchen products can be purchased online

Heather Marianna Links


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