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Boulder City’s Historic Railroad Track

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The current weather in Las Vegas is beyond spectacular and the perfect time of year for long walks. My favourite walk is the historic railroad track in Boulder City. The trail is flat and rises above Lake Mead where the views are breathtaking.  From the trailhead to the Hoover Dam parking garage is 3.7 miles long and takes you through the actual railroad tunnels. I simply love photography and what better way to document a walk than through beautiful photos. Jim, Galaxy, Thornton, Mr Twix, and myself had a wonderful morning.




~ Sam The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll Dogs
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My Girls Galaxy and Thornton

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The Patty Collection

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For a while I’ve been following Patty’s life from coming into the Providing for Paws Rescue to her inspiring recovery.
Patty had been skinned alive from her neck to her shoulders when she was found. You can get her full story by reading a previous post. Fast forward a few weeks and this pretty princess has now moved into her loving foster home where she has a foster brother.

Some stories just have a profound effect on you and hers was one of them for me. I’m in absolutely awe at Patty’s resilience and forever thankful to the angels who rescued her and gave her everything she needed both medically, physically, and emotionally.

Patty inspired me to help the rescue that was so kind as to give her a beautiful life. She’s known for being a princess, for her pink jacket, and most of all her pink toe nails….and there was my inspiration. A collection of pretty princess pink accessories named The Patty Collection.

Today we are launching The Patty Collection in her honour.

We have committed to donate 30% of The Patty Collection back to Providing for Paws so that they can continue the work of angels for these animals in need.



I would personally like to thank all the volunteers who make Providing for Paws what it is today and the impact they have on their community.

I would also like to thank Dee Maggio of Dee Maggio Photography for the beautiful photographs of Patty. She allowed her personality to shine and totally diminished the injuries that Patty was known for. Photographers play a huge part in showing you a much less scared side of a pet who needs a home and in turn increasing their chances of adoption.

To donate directly to Providing for Paws Rescue please click this Link

It’s Hallowiener Time! Boo!

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On the event front there’s a super duper fun event coming up. The 10th Hallowiener event in Las Vegas is held by the Hot Diggity Dachshund Club and Rescue and is their main fundraiser for the year. This year is special as this is their 10th annual Hallowiener.

Traditionally this event was a members only event where you could see up to 600 owners and their dachshunds enjoying an off leash time in a secure park area. However since their goal is to raise funds they’ve opted to allow dogs 25lbs and under to attend as well as the members. This was a way to respect the members by keeping the size of the dogs small.

At the Hallo-Wiener they will have a raffle with tons of fabulous prizes from their sponsors, a Silent Auction, Costume Contest, a Photographer, Music, Games, Food, Vendors, and of course Dachshund Races.

For those of you with doxies that love attention and giving kisses they have a Belly Rub Contest and a Kissing Contest. If you would like to have a great time with your doxies or small dog and help them to continue saving Dachshunds through their Dachshund Rescue then this is an event you shouldn’t miss.

Kellogg Zaher Dog Park info

Hallowiener Info

Princess Patty

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Meet Patty…..isn’t she adorable?
I’ve been following Patty’s story for over a week now. Her photo came across my Facebook newsfeed and what I saw and what I read was one of the most horrific cases of animal abuse I’ve ever seen.

This poor little girl had been skinned and stabbed and left in a park in Detroit. A kind person contacted the police and Providing for Paws rescue. What they saw was this sweet girl in the most horrendous and shocking condition they could have ever imagined. Now for a rescue to even make that statement you know it had to be bad.

Rarely will I post such a graphic photo but sometimes I feel that when there’s an emotional reaction people spring into action. Patty invoked that reaction in thousands of people who were incredulous as to what they were seeing.

So lovely Patty came into the care of Providing for Paws, a volunteer only based organization that provides low cost spay neuter, and food assistance to help pet owners keep their pets in the home. Their programmes prevent owners from dumping their pets at the rescue due to poor economic low income situations. I find this type of programme to be a valuable one that helps humans and pets. The organization soon became the go to organization when animals like Patty were needing help. They don’t say no and they show up and do everything they can. This was so apparent with Patty who has at this point received three surgeries on her little 9lb body. The surgeries and care she received were made possible by the donations from compassionate pet lovers just like you.

I was fortunate to have one of the volunteers at the rescue call in for an interview on my radio show. Her name is Jamie Chapman and boy is she ever a compassionate human being. She’s the person who has replied to every inquiry about Patty, every like and comment on Facebook. Patty now has her own community of Patty fans wishing her well and donating to Providing for Paws. She’s become an ambassador for other pets in need.

What I particularly liked about this organization is that yes Patty’s situation was dire and heartbreaking, and yes there is an open investigation into her abuse, however they shifted away from the negative in a very swift way with her story. The shift was to a positive note filled with hope, with daily updates of photos and videos, and thank yous to the community. Each day I looked for the updates and with each one my heart didn’t ache so much as the day before.

Jamie tells me she is the most resilient little girl and is showing her sassy side with a new coat and the pinkest of pink nails.

I do hope you will visit their site and see the wonderful work they are doing for the humans and pets of Metro Detroit. To follow Patty’s progress you can like her personal page and donations can be made by clicking this link

We wish you well Patty…you’re going to have a precious life filled to the brim with love and kisses!

Radio News

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We are pleased to announce our new collaboration with the Las Vegas Hot Diggity Dachshund Rescue on a radio show all about dogs!

I am co-hosting with Stacey the fundraising director of the Las Vegas Hot Diggity Dachshund Rescue. You can listen anytime and anywhere through this link. LAS VEGAS HOT DIGGITY DOG RADIO SHOW Our show is LIVE every Saturday at 10am in Las Vegas.

We talk about everything related to dogs and other furry friends. We have interesting guests on our show and we chat about health, wellness, exercise, the pet industry, what’s in the news, rescues, pet events, fashion, and more. All of our shows are archived so don’t worry if you miss one.

We look forward to you becoming a listener.

Commercial Sponsorship


Includes 30 second commercial during our show

Link on our site

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You can provide us with your own commercial or send us a script and we’ll record it for you at no additional cost. Simply email to start your sponsorship.

Our British Adventure

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We’ve been quiet for a few weeks due to a fabulous trip that we took back to England. It was a family visit with a charity event and lots of fun thrown in for good measure. The only downside to our visit was that we didn’t travel with our dogs Galaxy and Thornton. So we decided to give them their own vacation with Kym’s Kritter Kare. Kym is wonderful and without her we would have never fully enjoyed our trip. With email and photo updates from Kym we felt very connected to them the entire time that we were away.

Once I landed in England I was met by my family and whisked back to Sheffield to get a quick shower and head out to a rehearsal for the Zumbathon event that me and two of my sisters were holding. My sisters and I teach Zumba and the Zumbathon was planned to raise money for Neurocare and Cash for Kids. We had also asked attendees to donate pet supplies to benefit the Sheffield RSPCA. It was lovely to be able to do something for my hometown pet rescue facility.

Our venue was the Sheffield City Hall and simply spectacular. We couldn’t have had a nicer staff to work with and as you can see from the photo below we had an incredible attendance. The two hour event went so quickly and the atmosphere was electrifying. To be able to perform with my sisters was so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again. We raised 1,920 pounds and collected a lot of pet supplies.


I had been in touch with the Sheffield RSPCA prior to the event and was really excited to be able to meet Steve and the staff, deliver the supplies, and tour the facility. Impressed doesn’t even come close to how I feel about the facility and what they do for the animals that come in. The dogs have a two part kennel with the front of the kennel allowing them to get fresh air and look outside and then the rear of the kennel is inside the building. The floors are heated and they have their beds and toys for comfort. We saw some of the dogs and there was one in particular who caught our eye and that was Piglet. She had come in with mange and red raw skin. Oh she was cute and I was half expecting my husband to want to take her back to Vegas with us. She looked so healthy. The tour was interesting and it was nice for me and my family to be there together. The facility boasts kennels for the dogs, a maternity ward for the cats, an agility course, event space, shop, and an operating room.



The Sheffield RSPCA is clean, bright, and welcoming. If ever feel it would upset you to go and look at the animals needing homes please put that concern aside. Once you see this great place and the care these animals get you will be so happy that the Sheffield RSPCA exists. I have to say it was one of the highlights of my trip. It left me wanting to get back to England to do more for them.





Every time I go home I love to see as much history as possible. We visited so many places and one thing I did notice no matter what city we were in was that the Jack Russell and Springer Spaniel were popular breed amongst others.


Every time we saw a dog we were reminded how much we missed our own dogs and I have to say we had my sister’s dogs as a comfort. Below is Princess Madonna she slept with us every night. This trip was so memorable I cannot wait to get back.


You can donate to the Sheffield RSPCA here Sheffield RSPCA
To attend one of my sisters’ Zumba classes In Sheffield go to Dance Star UK

I’m going to close this post with a few photos of our trip….enjoy!















Finally Home~Book Giveaway

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Finally Home

Lessons On Life From A Free Spirited Dog

Book Giveaway

What lessons have you learned from your dog?

This is simple contest with deep meaning and to enter you need to grab your leash and walk on over to Author Elizabeth Parker’s Fanpage and answer the question.

What lessons have you learned from your dog?

Elizabeth will select a winner and that winner will receive her book FINALLY HOME

Contest closes March 15th @ Midnight

About Elizabeth Parker

Elizabeth is an avid dog lover, and volunteers for a few dog rescue organizations, as well as donates a portion of the proceeds from all of her books to two that she strongly believe in.  One is a website that focuses on bringing awareness of cancer in canines and the other is a foundation that helps people with life-threatening illnesses find good homes for their pets.  She also donates to other rescue groups throughout the year. This year her books were featured in the Funny Bones All Star Comedy Jam, Las Vegas and celebrities such as Pauly Shore, Gilbert Godfrey, and Bobby Slayton received her books.





Snow In Vegas?? Really?…..Really.

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Snow in Vegas? How can this be? Well despite having sweltering Summers we also have cool Winters and yes snow sometimes makes an appearance. This was a few days ago.

Here is Konah asking permission to play in the snow

This is Bailey checking out the snow in Vegas.

The Life of Riley!

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I want to tell you about a special dog and a special family here in Las Vegas. Six months ago my husband found an abandoned puppy at McCarran Airport. He was under weight, dirty, yet incredibly friendly!

This was Riley when I first met him. We brought him home and went to work on getting him a bath, good food, and some exercise. Boy was he a lovely soul. As many of you know we have Galaxy and Thornton and we knew we would be overwhelmed with three dogs so finding him a great home was important.  We did find him a home with a friend who gave him back to us within two days citing his dogs did not like him. So on the recommendation of a friend we found another. We were very clear on when his shots needed to happen, on getting micro-chipped, diet, exercise, and most importantly was that they had to bring him back to us should they have any problems. Well thank goodness we made that last stipulation because he did come back to us a few weeks later. He didn’t come back in better shape though and we were heartbroken. The last thing I wanted for this wonderful dog was to be a boomerang…we needed him to be settled and loved. This is where my lovely friend Jill comes into the picture. Her family had lost a dog who he was a large dog so they were well equipped for a big dog. Jill, her husband, and their son came over to get to know Lucky as he had been named by one of the previous owners. Before we knew it there was a bond and Lucky was on his way to his new home. His name Lucky hadn’t really been working for him up until that point so it was time for a fresh start and a fresh name. Jill’s family has a military background so making him an official part of the family he was given a rank…non other than Private Riley Boddington Cantor.  His current rank today is Lance Corporal.  He was Private First Class when they got him, and then promoted to Lance Corporal when they got him fixed.  Only a special dog could handle a name like that!!!  As demonstrated below Riley has become quite the soccer player, and he’s a happy handsome boy!

Thank you Jill and John for changing his life.

So this story did end with Riley truly having a life of Riley!!!!!

What’s In A Name? Kayloo is What’s In A Name

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Kayloo our winner.

Selecting a winner was difficult to say the least. However there was one story that stood out for us and that was Kayloo’s story submitted by Shauna. It was a lovely tribute to Kayloo’s amazing foster parent.  As we all know fostering a dog  is not easy and caring for a dog that you know will go to another home is hard emotionally.

Kayloo: The adoption society had named Kayloo “Laloo.” I thought this was difficult to say so we wanted to change it. The woman who fostered Kayloo, took her home for Christmas, checked us out to make sure we were suitable dog parents and cried when she had to say goodbye to her for the last time was named “Kay.” So we put “Kay” and “Laloo” together: Kayloo


Congratulations Kayloo and thank you Shauna for your story.

We loved all of your stories so much that we  would like to feature all of our entrants on our blog. To be featured simply email a photo of your dog or you and your dog.


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Lexee and Rocky Update

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Lexee and Rocky rocked their debut at the 2nd Annual Pug K event in San Diego. The Pug Rescue of San Diego is an awesome group of people with the biggest of hearts. As you can see these siblings are just rockin’ life and their Vegas Rock Dog bandannas. I cannot wait to see what the next chapter holds for Lexee and Rocky. Finally to prove how hip these peeps are watch their event video and just take at look at Suzi’s tattoo…it doesn’t get anymore rock ‘n’ roll than that. To donate to the Pug Rescue of San Diego click here and to follow them on Twitter click here


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