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Vegas Rock Dog Radio Guest Interview ~ Entertainer, comedienne, rabble-rouser, sex bomb, and dog lover Hannah Elisabeth

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Hannah Elisabeth is an entertainer, comedienne, and dog lover. You may know her for her web series My Big Blonde Life or as a rabble-rouser and sex bomb. Enjoy Brit and Brat as we named ourselves in this fun rocking hour of radio.


Click here to listen to my interview. ~ Sam

Listen live Saturdays 10am PST

Vegas Rock Dog Radio ~ Guest Interview with International Recording Artists Jasmine Trias and Ben Stone

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I had the pleasure of interviewing International recording artists Jasmine Trias of American Idol fame and Ben Stone Britain’s rising star.  We talk about their careers, the family run pet sitting business, lending their talents to charitable causes, and their love of animals.


Click here to listen to the show.

~ Sam
Listen live Saturdays 10am PST

My Girls Galaxy and Thornton

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Vegas Rock Dog Radio Guest Will Edwards

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I was very fortunate to become friends with Will Edwards after a mutual friend of ours made an introduction. I am oh so grateful for that intro as we have become friends….friends that laugh a lot. Will Edwards is the host of Las Vegas’ ONLY late night variety show The Will Edwards Show that currently airs on Cox channel 12 MYLVTV with repeat episodes on Youtube. Me and my husband were guests on Will’s show and to say it was fun was an understatement.

Today was my pleasure to have Will on my show and as I predicted it would probably be hard to keep on topic. He has this uncanny way of making you feel like you’re in the Will bubble. In that bubble you are so relaxed and so yourself that you never know where the conversation will go. We had a great hour talking about his career, his cats, and other topics.
Click here here to listen to the show.


Studio Fifty Paw©

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Last week was ones the most fun weekends that I’ve ever experienced. As the owner of Vegas Rock Dog™ Vegas Rock Dog™ and the host of Vegas Rock Dog Radio I got to host my first year anniversary party of the radio show. Event production is one of my fortes and putting Studio Fifty Paw© together was beyond fun. As with all of my events I raise funds for dog rescue and this time it was the for the Las Vegas Hot Diggity Dachshund Club and Rescue

The event was held at Barking Dogs and was a disco Studio Fifty Paw© theme. Local Las Vegas celebrities graced the green grass “red” carpet for photos, then walked through the shimmer curtain into the disco. Celebrity DJ Jimmy Z was spinning the best of disco under the glittering disco ball and lights. The ambiance was fantastic, the lights were low, the music was pumping, the drinks were flowing, the dogs enjoyed their appawtizers, goody bags were given to all the attendees and the raffle table was heaving with people buying tickets for some incredible prizes.

20131113-120822.jpg Kathy and Craig Patterson friends and the owners of Barking Dogs in Las Vegas.
Here’s the video and we hope you’ll join us for the next Studio Fifty Paw©

Enjoy the photos from Studio Fifty Paw©

20131113-121127.jpg Luis Reyes the Gene Simmons of Las Vegas.


20131113-121339.jpg Cheryl Prater Mrs North America 2012



20131113-121557.jpg. Singer Mark O’Toole


20131113-121712.jpg Travis Cloer of Jersey Boys

20131113-121746.jpg. Luis Reyes with my dogs Galaxy and Thornton

20131113-121827.jpg Heather Mariana of Beauty Kitchen and Lucky Louis pet products.

20131113-121930.jpg Custom art by Tommy Vinci of Cartoons and Chaos.

20131113-122013.jpg The cast of Menopause The Musical.

20131113-122058.jpg. Celebrity DJ Jimmy Z


20131113-122157.jpg Attendees could choose their own background for the green screen photography inside the event.

20131113-122259.jpg. The wonderful Debra and Brett Halby donated their Dachshund Reisling Wine to my event.




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It’s Hallowiener Time! Boo!

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On the event front there’s a super duper fun event coming up. The 10th Hallowiener event in Las Vegas is held by the Hot Diggity Dachshund Club and Rescue and is their main fundraiser for the year. This year is special as this is their 10th annual Hallowiener.

Traditionally this event was a members only event where you could see up to 600 owners and their dachshunds enjoying an off leash time in a secure park area. However since their goal is to raise funds they’ve opted to allow dogs 25lbs and under to attend as well as the members. This was a way to respect the members by keeping the size of the dogs small.

At the Hallo-Wiener they will have a raffle with tons of fabulous prizes from their sponsors, a Silent Auction, Costume Contest, a Photographer, Music, Games, Food, Vendors, and of course Dachshund Races.

For those of you with doxies that love attention and giving kisses they have a Belly Rub Contest and a Kissing Contest. If you would like to have a great time with your doxies or small dog and help them to continue saving Dachshunds through their Dachshund Rescue then this is an event you shouldn’t miss.

Kellogg Zaher Dog Park info

Hallowiener Info

Do I Need New Glasses or Am I Simply Dog Crazy?

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Over the past weeks I’ve had friends laughing at some funny incidents. All of them have a theme….mistaken identity. There’s one that I still laugh at because it was the funniest of episodes and all of them involve dogs.

Mistaken identity #1
My family was visiting me in Las Vegas and we were all in the car driving around Vegas. We had stopped at a red light and looked over to the grass where we were freaked out that a dog was either dead or injured laying in the grass. All of us were shocked and about to pull over when we realized it wasn’t a dog at all. It had the reddish golden colour of a King Charles Spaniel’s fur….upon closer inspection we were relieved to see that it was a piece of palm tree bark that had fallen off a tree. Oh did we laugh at ourselves.


Mistaken Identity #2
This happened just this morning as I was driving from the gym to the coffee shop. I was driving past Sunset Park in Vegas. It’s the largest park in Vegas and as many of you know parks can be a dumping ground for unwanted dogs. It was a windy day and coming towards me on the pavement was a small white dog moving rather quickly. My instant reaction was oh no a loose dog or an abandoned dog! I kept my eye on the dog until it was right by my vehicle……only to see that it was a white plastic grocery bag blowing in the wind along the street. Maybe I do need new glasses.


Mistaken Identity #3
Once again I’m in my car and this time I’m in an area that has some homes and businesses and a lot of open undeveloped desert. As I’m driving I see cars ahead of me slamming their brakes on. So I anticipate having to do the same as I get closer to them. What I saw was a large dog…very much like a German Shepherd and it ran straight across the road to the desert. There’s nothing ore scary than a dog running in and out of traffic. So I kept my eye on the dog and took a right turn onto a small road where I could see the it. I stopped my vehicle and got out to help the dog and secure it from getting injured or killed in the traffic. I get closer and closer and to my absolute surprise that big dog was a coyote. It looked young and very hungry and a little bit shaken. Coyotes are common where we live and they’ve been driven out of their natural habitat due to development. I stood there in awe of this beautiful creature yet I felt sad that it was pushed into a dangerous situation. After five minutes it looked around, looked directly into my eyes and moved quickly into the desert area.


Mistaken Identity #4
This is the one episode that when I just think about it I crack up laughing. When I posted what I’d done on Facebook my friends found it just as funny. For once it didn’t happen in my car. I was sat at home in my comfy IKEA poang chair. My dogs were by my side on their bed. I was working on my iPad and often use a cushion for an arm rest. It was a lovely relaxing afternoon and all three of us were so content. I’d been typing at lot and decided to take a rest from typing and leaned over to pet my dogs……only to find myself petting the brown cushion that had fallen off my chair! Here’s the kicker……here’s a big secret……I’ve since then done it again!


So what I’m thinking is that I am dog crazy and I do need new glasses.

My Appearance on Fox 5 Vegas ~ National Dog Day and How To Pamper Your Pet

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I had the opportunity to make a guest appearance on Fox 5 Vegas to talk about National Dog Day, what it means, why we participate, and how to celebrate with your own dog.

Click the link below
National Dog Day and How To Pamper Your Pet

Hot Diggity Dog We Have Our Own Radio Show

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Hot Diggity Dog we have our own radio show! We’ve teamed up with the Las Vegas Hot Diggity Dachshund Club and Rescue in hosting a radio show. Our show the Hot Diggity Dog radio show aired for the first time November 3rd on Vegas All Net Radio.

The show is about ALL THINGS DOG! Sam co-hosts the show with Stacey the fundraising director for the Las Vegas Hot Diggity Dachshund Club and Rescue. It’s an hour long show and covers pet events, adoption days, medical issues, health and nutrition, contests, giveaways, news, and lots of helpful information.

Currently we have listeners from Australia, England, Canada, Ireland, Spain, and the US and we’d love for you to join us and our listeners Saturday mornings live at 10am PST.

Since we are a live show we love it when listeners call in, tweet and Facebook with us. You can listen to the show and live tweet and post with us on Twitter and Facebook

Can’t listen live? No worries we archive our shows. Just scroll to the bottom of our webpage and find the links there.

Our show benefits the Las Vegas Hot Diggity Dachshund Club and Rescue by it’s commercial sponsorships. Our sponsorships are incredibly inexpensive. The monthly commercial sponsorship is $30/month and includes a 30 second commercial during the show, link on our page, social media links, and on air mentions. You can send us your commercial or we can record it for you at no additional charge. To start your sponsorship email Stacey.

So with that said let us know you’re listening on Saturday mornings….it’ll be fun to connect with you.


Fun Pics…Enjoy!

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Radio News

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We are pleased to announce our new collaboration with the Las Vegas Hot Diggity Dachshund Rescue on a radio show all about dogs!

I am co-hosting with Stacey the fundraising director of the Las Vegas Hot Diggity Dachshund Rescue. You can listen anytime and anywhere through this link. LAS VEGAS HOT DIGGITY DOG RADIO SHOW Our show is LIVE every Saturday at 10am in Las Vegas.

We talk about everything related to dogs and other furry friends. We have interesting guests on our show and we chat about health, wellness, exercise, the pet industry, what’s in the news, rescues, pet events, fashion, and more. All of our shows are archived so don’t worry if you miss one.

We look forward to you becoming a listener.

Commercial Sponsorship


Includes 30 second commercial during our show

Link on our site

Social media links

You can provide us with your own commercial or send us a script and we’ll record it for you at no additional cost. Simply email to start your sponsorship.

Coffee Cups and Rock ‘n’ Roll Pups Green Carpet Photos

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All the dogs that attend our events get a chance to step onto the green carpet and shine and we were so honoured to have Simply Dog Photography take the green carpet photos for our Coffee Cups and Rock ‘n’ Roll Pups event.

I am very happy to announce that as part of the continued effort to raise funds for rescue dogs Simply Dog Photography is offering your dog’s green carpet digital photo for the special price of $20 and is donating 100% of that back to the Las Vegas Hot Diggity Dachshund Club and Rescue! This special price also includes a digital Facebook version with the Simply Dog watermark on it. To make your purchase contact Claudine at Simply Dog Photography.

To view the images click the image above.

Snow In Vegas?? Really?…..Really.

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Snow in Vegas? How can this be? Well despite having sweltering Summers we also have cool Winters and yes snow sometimes makes an appearance. This was a few days ago.

Here is Konah asking permission to play in the snow

This is Bailey checking out the snow in Vegas.

Yipbalm!!!! Yip Yip

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We’ve added a new product to our line and it’s a fun one for rockin’ humans. You can get rock star lips with our Yipbalm! There are two flavours peppermint and vanilla and a variety of quotes like Barkalicious, Chompstick, Dogs Rock, and Yipalm!

Land of the Wieners

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Last weekend hundreds of wiener dogs descended on Vegas for the 7th Annual Hallo-Wiener. The Las Vegas Hot Diggity Dachshund Club and Rescue hosts this annual fundraiser to bring monies in to support the rescue of this funny little breed. As you may have seen on the national news Las Vegas is ground zero for home foreclosures and in turn the rescue community has seen a massive rise in abandoned, surrendered, and neglected dogs. So it’s with this in mind that rescue fundraisers take on a more serious note than ever before. It’s a simply equation, the more monies raised the more dogs will be helped.

Our company Vegas Rock Dog “adopted” this rescue as one of our main causes. For the past three years we have participated as a vendor and I have been a judge also of their legendary costume, belly rub, and kissing contests. This past year we’ve been heavily involved in signing up vendors, securing raffle and silent auction prizes, and getting the word out to the community. Clearly all the work of the rescue staff, club members, friends, and volunteers paid off on this day as the attendance was spectacular.

The weather as always is perfect in the month of October and that’s why Vegas become saturated with pet related events. I believe that Hallo-Wiener is the most fun with many elements to it. As I mentioned earlier I’ve been a judge for the contests and each year the judging gets more and more difficult as the costumes get more and more creative. The belly rub contest is always cute to watch and judging which dog is the most in heaven from the belly rub and attention is a hard one to judge. Similar to the belly rub the kissing contest can get pretty wild as those little sausage dogs lick away at their owners faces. I wonder if they know if they’re competing for a prize?

One element of the day is wiener racing. It has to be the one thing that these little dogs absolutely love to participate in. Now don’t think for one minute that those little legs can’t run because not only to they run but they become airborne as they see a familiar face cheering them on at the finish line. You’ll see many techniques at the wiener races adopted by the owners to get their dog to run down the lane to that finish line, there’s a lot of screaming, squealing, toys squeaking, and treats being waved.

The Hallo-Wiener event has it all, races, contests, auction, raffle, food, and vendors and I suggest you put it on your calendar for next year….you wiener dog will thank you for it.

Woof woof!



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