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What Do Pet Bloggers Really Spend Their Money On?

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If you’re a pet blogger take a moment and join the largest network of pet bloogers at Blog Paws.

Vegas Rock Dog Radio Guest Interview~ Dr Brandi Bradshaw and Dr Job Krugly Human and Pet Chiropractors

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You’ve heard of chiropractic for humans but how about chiropractic for your pets? Dr Brandi Bradshaw and Dr Job Krugly talk about the benefits of chiropractic for you and your pets.

Click here to listen to the show.

~ Sam The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll Dogs
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Vegas Rock Dog Radio Guest Interview ~ Jen Kramling and Serena Schade of the V Animal Sanctuary

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Exciting times are ahead for Jen Kramling and Serena Schade as they get closer to the opening the V Animal Sanctuary in Las Vegas. It is not only is a sanctuary for farm animals but a sanctuary for people too.

Click here to listen to the show.

~ Sam The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll Dogs
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Vegas Rock Dog Radio Guest Interview ~ Entertainer, comedienne, rabble-rouser, sex bomb, and dog lover Hannah Elisabeth

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Hannah Elisabeth is an entertainer, comedienne, and dog lover. You may know her for her web series My Big Blonde Life or as a rabble-rouser and sex bomb. Enjoy Brit and Brat as we named ourselves in this fun rocking hour of radio.


Click here to listen to my interview. ~ Sam

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Rally for Change

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November 23rd was an important day in Las Vegas. The very first Rally for Change was held outside of our high kill city shelter the Animal Foundation. It is important to note that the Animal Foundation was formerly known as Lied and many people even long time residents were not only unaware of the name change but were not aware that it was a high kill shelter. In 2012 24,000 animals were euthanized. That’s 61% of dogs and cats that entered the shelter. You probably have your mouth wide open at reading those numbers. It evokes feeling of heartbreak, sadness, and anger. A shelter is to be a place of protection and a chance start a new chapter in a pet’s life. With our shelter there’s always the feeling of panic, dread and despair that once a pet ends up at the Animal Foundation it’s the end of the road for them.

So with that said the No Kill LV movement was born out of this need to change our shelter from high kill to no kill.
Awareness is the first step and I’m already seeing that awareness grow in the community. A supporter of NKLV created a video to give our residents a clear picture of what is happening at the shelter and how we’re going to change it.
Click here to watch this incredible video and please would share it with your friends whether they live in Las Vegas or not. The more people who see it, the more awareness it creates, the more pressure we can place on the shelter to fully, wholeheartedly, and compassionately adopt the no kill model.

I was honoured to co emcee the rally. 400 people came out in the rain….people do not go out in the rain in Vegas…unless they care about animals that is. The rain wasn’t a big deal at all, the atmosphere was positive and the feeling that we could make this change was very strong.

You would think such a positive change to no kill would be one that everyone would embrace. There are always going to be those glass half empty people. Only this morning was there a man saying we should be less concerned with the animals and focus on the irresponsible people. It’s very easy to get into a petty argument with those types. Public education is definitely one of the no kill model components and so is a shelter doing all they can to rehome the pets. The easiest way to handle these people is to recruit them. It either scares them away from actually stepping up or they get on board. If they’re so “wise” in what the solution is recruit them. My reply to the man today was, “Are you involved in the public education of pet ownership? If not I would recommend you get involved as it’s one of the components of the no kill model”. As of now I have yet to get a reply.

Despite how we feel about about the Animal Foundation our efforts to refer people to them for adoptions has been a high priority. We want people to go there first when wanting to adopt and we urge owner surrenders to go to one of the no kill rescues.
With all movements pressure and consistency is the key. They just have to know that we’re not going away until this change happens.

The rally took place in a park opposite the Animal Foundation. The park is named Freedom Park….my wish is that pets who go into the Animal Foundation all get a chance to step out of their front doors, walk across the street, and truly experience freedom over at Freedom Park.

Get involved
No Kill Las Vegas
Animal Help Alliance
Go Vegas Dog
No Kill Las Vegas video








Muffin’s Halo ~ Truly an angel of a product

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Meet Rocky! Have you ever seen a more angelic looking face? Well Rocky is a special needs dog in that he is vision impaired. As you can see he is wearing his halo angel wings. Those angelic wings and halo are not only adorable but very instrumental in helping blind or sight impaired dogs move around in a way that keeps them safe from injury.
This product is called Muffin’s Halo The story behind the creation of Muffin’s Halo comes from an adorable dog called Muffin. Muffin very sadly lost his vision at age twelve after getting cataracts. For Sylvie, Muffin’s loving owner this gave her so much heartache as Muffin struggled to get around bumping into walls and furniture. Worried for his safety and quality of life Sylvie channeled her love and devotion for Muffin into designing a product that would keep him safe from those dangerous bumps.
After meeting the Muffin’s Halo team at Superzoo and being blown away by their product I wanted to do a product test and review. So to make this happen I reached out to my network of pet lovers to find either a blind or sight impaired dog. In steps Rocky. What were the chances of finding a dog that looked so much like Muffin? Clearly it was meant to be. After meeting Rocky and his owner Jeannie we started on the journey of getting the right size Muffin’s Halo for him. A few simple measurements later and then Rocky was sent on his way to product test.

Below are the questions I posed to Jeanie and Rocky and these were their answers.

1. How easy was it to put the Muffin’s Halo together?
The instructions could be larger

2. How was the fit for the size Halo you were given?
Good! But a little bulky.

3. How did Rocky adapt once the Halo was put on?
At first, it was awkward, then he started to move with it on. (I think this is pretty normal)

4. Did you find it would be a benefit to blind and sight impaired dogs to use the Halo?
Absolutely, yes!

5. Did you like the material the Halo was made out of?
I think it was fine, but a little bulky.

6. Would you be interested in other colours and designs?

7. Have you ever seen another product like this?
No, but I showed it to Rocky’s Ophthalmologist and he liked it.

8. Any additional points you’d like to mention? Feel free to add them here.
Just that it was unclear how to put it together.

Final Thoughts
Clearly Muffin’s Halo is a functional product, that works, that keeps your pet safe, and that Ophthalmologists are liking.
As with all products over time you will see tweaks and updates. Reviews like this from real users help companies perfect their products and I would like to thank Muffin’s Halo and Rocky for bringing you this great product and honest review. They didn’t win Superzoo’s top 8 products for no reason.


Take a look at this video as Muffin the inspiration behind Muffin’s Halo takes a trip to his Aunt Debbie’s house.
Do you have a dog or know of a dog that could benefit from wearing Muffin’s Halo? Well we have a wonderful opportunity for one lucky dog to win a Muffin’s Halo
How To Enter
Simple click this link to enter our Rafflecopter contest. Make sure you follow all the steps to qualify for the giveaway.


Vegas Rock Dog Radio premier show with Nina Radetich

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Many of you have followed the re-branding of the Hot Diggity Dog Radio Show to Vegas Rock Dog Radio. It took a couple of weeks to make that happen smoothly before the premiere show. November 9th was the launch of the new format and I couldn’t have been more thrilled than to have Nina Radetich as my guest.

Nina is someone I’ve tweeted with for many years, she had been in my living room every evening yet we had never met. Nina Radetich was a beloved Las Vegas television personality bringing news into our homes each and every day until she embarked on a new chapter in business. Over a year ago Nina opened New Media Strategies where her company’s passion is your business. They know how to promote your business effectively on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Pinterest, and Instagram. New Media Strategies is a creative team that delivers a level of service second to none.

Speaking of the team there’s a special member and that is Roxy. She writes the very entertaining company blog and believe me she has an opinion. Roxy came to the studio and I found her to be a lovely soul.

To listen to the show for the first time or once again click here and enjoy the hour we spent talking about pets, babies, social media, and more.

Find Me
Vegas Rock Dog Radio

Don’t Let Anyone Take Your Pet Away ~ Anti-BSL RALLY with Shorty Rossi

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Littlerock, CA had a tragic attack where a jogger was mauled by a pack of dogs that were roaming free with no collars or tags on them. That person did indeed die from the attack. Shortly after, a spokesperson from LA county made comments that the pitbulls were a different and dangerous type of animal. It was interpreted in the media that maybe a proposal to put the BSL into place was in order.

BSL is a breed specific legislation and basically is the discrimination of certain breeds in some states. It affects responsible owners of the breeds that the legislation deems to be dangerous. We have many friends in LA whose family pet is a pitbull. They look after their dogs just like the rest of us and give them loving homes and wonderful training. Can you imagine no longer being able to own your dog?

Thankfully there is a celebrity voice in that of Shorty Rossi for the pitbull breed in particular. Shorty has mobilized very quickly upon hearing this news and on Monday May 20th in Los Angeles is the ANTI-BSL RALLY. The rally of course is a peaceful rally where if you take your dog you will be representing the dog community in a positive way.

Shorty has created a rally page with very specific guidelines for being there to show your support. It includes event details, directions, and other important points to consider when attending the event.

Please share this information with all of your friends and networks as there is only the weekend left to spread the news of this important rally.


Hot Diggity Dog We Have Our Own Radio Show

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Hot Diggity Dog we have our own radio show! We’ve teamed up with the Las Vegas Hot Diggity Dachshund Club and Rescue in hosting a radio show. Our show the Hot Diggity Dog radio show aired for the first time November 3rd on Vegas All Net Radio.

The show is about ALL THINGS DOG! Sam co-hosts the show with Stacey the fundraising director for the Las Vegas Hot Diggity Dachshund Club and Rescue. It’s an hour long show and covers pet events, adoption days, medical issues, health and nutrition, contests, giveaways, news, and lots of helpful information.

Currently we have listeners from Australia, England, Canada, Ireland, Spain, and the US and we’d love for you to join us and our listeners Saturday mornings live at 10am PST.

Since we are a live show we love it when listeners call in, tweet and Facebook with us. You can listen to the show and live tweet and post with us on Twitter and Facebook

Can’t listen live? No worries we archive our shows. Just scroll to the bottom of our webpage and find the links there.

Our show benefits the Las Vegas Hot Diggity Dachshund Club and Rescue by it’s commercial sponsorships. Our sponsorships are incredibly inexpensive. The monthly commercial sponsorship is $30/month and includes a 30 second commercial during the show, link on our page, social media links, and on air mentions. You can send us your commercial or we can record it for you at no additional charge. To start your sponsorship email Stacey.

So with that said let us know you’re listening on Saturday mornings….it’ll be fun to connect with you.


Cold Weather Walking and Traveling Tips for Your Pets

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We’ll we certain had a cold snap here in Las Vegas. It’s so unusually cold that we’re having to do things differently on our walks. This cold weather also has us interested in taking Galaxy and Thornton up to Mount Charleston to experience the snow. So as responsible pet owners we’re getting prepared for the colder walks and snow.

The first thing I thought of was their feet. Hey my babies are used to being inside in the lap of luxury. They’re not accustomed to really cold weather so I know they would need some kind of booties for when we make a trip to the mountain. So I’m planning getting something that is slip resistance and not too bulky. I particularly like the Ruff Wear booties. They’re more of a sock type boot so I feel it would mimic their paws the most. They look to be very suitable for varying outdoor environments so we can use them at times other than Winter.
Ruff Wear
Wearing booties would also eliminate the problem of ice and snow balls forming on your dog’s legs. These balls can impede your dog’s mobility and cause them to limp. Another good reason to buy them.

If you’re in an area with extreme weather and de-icers and salt are frequently used on the roads and sidewalks, be prepared to clean your dog’s paws after every walk. As we know dogs lick their paws and you don’t want them to ingest any kind of chemical into their system. A warm wet cloth should do the trick.

As I said earlier our dogs are used to the warmth of the house in Winter so they definitely need a coat or sweater. As a dog clothing company I suggest that if your dog does not like a close fitting sweater opt for a loser fitting jacket. They’ll be more comfortable that way. Vegas Rock Dog

Our walks are shorter yet more frequent in the colder months so keep that in mind particularly if your dog has arthritis. Arthritis can feel a lot worse when those cold temps blow in. If you find that your dogs are really affected by the cold then keep them inside and play fun games or spend time going over commends. It will still tire them out.

If you’re driving to the mountains just as we plan to do think about the possibility of getting stuck there. You never know when the weather can take a turn for the worse. We’ve always carried extra blankets in our vehicles along with a couple of yoga mats. More about the yoga mats later. I would suggest putting a soft dog bed, blankets, plenty of water, food, treats, toys, and extra dog clothing in the car before you travel. If your dog is on medication take that too it could save it’s live if you get stranded. The bed and toys will help them feel calm as they are familiar items from home.

So yes I said yoga mats. I find them to be a fabulous barrier for your car seats. They prevent any moisture from ruining your seats because your dogs will bring in all manner of dirt and water back into your vehicle.

With a little bit of planning you can make your walks and travel with your dog more enjoyable and certainly a lot safer. Here’s to a fun Winter with your dogs!

Radio News

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We are pleased to announce our new collaboration with the Las Vegas Hot Diggity Dachshund Rescue on a radio show all about dogs!

I am co-hosting with Stacey the fundraising director of the Las Vegas Hot Diggity Dachshund Rescue. You can listen anytime and anywhere through this link. LAS VEGAS HOT DIGGITY DOG RADIO SHOW Our show is LIVE every Saturday at 10am in Las Vegas.

We talk about everything related to dogs and other furry friends. We have interesting guests on our show and we chat about health, wellness, exercise, the pet industry, what’s in the news, rescues, pet events, fashion, and more. All of our shows are archived so don’t worry if you miss one.

We look forward to you becoming a listener.

Commercial Sponsorship


Includes 30 second commercial during our show

Link on our site

Social media links

You can provide us with your own commercial or send us a script and we’ll record it for you at no additional cost. Simply email to start your sponsorship.

Thanksgiving Safety Tips For Your Dog

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Thanksgiving is a fun time of year and can also be a stressful one. There’s lots of planning for the dinner and for visiting family and friends. It’s at times like theses when your dog can be a little neglected and it’s times like these when you need to be paying extra attention. There are many ways in which you can prevent accidents and fatalities. Yes fatalities can happen too.

First off all stay as calm as you can through all of your planning and the day of Thanksgiving. Recruit as much help as you can from your family. This helps keep stress levels to a minimum in turn lowering your dog’s stress level. Because as you know our pets absorb our energy.

Ensure that you know where your dog is at all times. Particularly when you answer the door to greet your guests and tell your guests that you alone will be answering the door to prevent your dog from having the opportunity to run out of the house. Put all your guests’ purses in a room away from your dog’s inquisitive nose. If you have small children coming over to the house do not leave your dog and the children unattended. Small children can be noisy and often do not have the skills to appropriately interact with a dog. Your dog may not have spent time with small children and this could end in a situation with a child getting a dog bite. If you cannot be with your dog at all times assign a family member or friend to keep an eye on your dog or create a safe secure area.

Now I don’t know about you but if I am going to offer someone’s dog a treat or food I always ask the owner if it’s ok. You never know if someone’s dog is allergic to certain foods or simply not permitted to eat them. In a perfect world everyone would ask but you are more than likely to encounter one of your guests feeding your dog without asking. My advice would be to inform all of your guests to not feed your dog for safety reasons and that would also include any drinks. This way you can avoid any problems. Some of the foods that are harmful or fatal dogs are; chocolate, turkey bones, grapes, onions, walnuts, macadamia nuts, tomatoes, coffee, raisins, and, avocados.

Onto the kitchen…keep your trash secure where your dog cannot get into it in any way possible. Sharp can lids, mesh from a roast, and food all can be dangerous and sometimes fatal. Place your food to the back of the counter top where your dog cannot reach it and keep them clear from the oven. It may be a good idea to simply put up a dog gate to the kitchen.

Having your vet’ s telephone number at hand is a must as well as the emergency vet and the poison control centre numbers. Should you suspect your dog ate something dangerous do not hesitate to get your dog to the vet. If there is a case of bloat it will not rectify itself a vet needs to treat your dog immediately.

In a nutshell make your dog an important part of the festivities, ask your family and friends to help you with your dog’s safety, and take the necessary precautions to make your home extra safe for the holidays for your four-legged furry friend.

Happy Thanksgiving

Heat Kills

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Today was one of the hottest days we’ve had this Summer in Las Vegas. It was heavy and simply scorching. As it gets warmer in Vegas we start to drastically modify the outdoor activities for our dogs Galaxy and Thornton. Their health and safety is always a priority. Some days early in the morning or late at night we give the girls a short walk, other days there’s none. You can never underestimate the dangers of heat and that leads me to dogs in cars. Your car is an oven. Now if someone asked you to put your dog in an oven you would be outraged. It’s cruel and it’s deadly. So, why is that every Summer we hear of too many dogs left in cars without air conditioning and water, all while the owner grocery shops, visits the post office, and runs errands?
I for one am not a stranger to frantically trying to find the owner of a dog locked in a baking hot car. My first call is to the police as it always an emergency when you come across a dog in a hot car. Invariably the owner shows up and says my dog’s okay I was only gone a few minutes….and that’s where the danger comes in. A few minutes can mean the difference between life and death.
Why is there a disconnect towards dogs in cars when we know the minute we sit in our cars we find it unbearable for ourselves? This we may never know the answer to as it happens year after year. But without getting technical of how hot it gets the message is simple, HEAT KILLS! So how do we get the message out there? I would like to see a campaign of continuous public service announcements on television during the Summer months as a constant reminder to pet owners. These announcements should include the information that it is a crime in Nevada to leave your pet in your car. The statute states 574.195 states “a person shall not allow a cat or dog to remain unattended in a parked or standing motor vehicle during a period of extreme heat or cold or in any other manner that endangers the health or safety of the cat or dog”.
Currently it is a misdemeanor which I would like to see changed to a felony charge.
Other methods to disseminate information are through emails, newsletters, blog posts, social media, and visual aids in public areas. If we can collectively take a minute to share this info I truly believe we can make this a high profile message of great value and save lives.

Our British Adventure

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We’ve been quiet for a few weeks due to a fabulous trip that we took back to England. It was a family visit with a charity event and lots of fun thrown in for good measure. The only downside to our visit was that we didn’t travel with our dogs Galaxy and Thornton. So we decided to give them their own vacation with Kym’s Kritter Kare. Kym is wonderful and without her we would have never fully enjoyed our trip. With email and photo updates from Kym we felt very connected to them the entire time that we were away.

Once I landed in England I was met by my family and whisked back to Sheffield to get a quick shower and head out to a rehearsal for the Zumbathon event that me and two of my sisters were holding. My sisters and I teach Zumba and the Zumbathon was planned to raise money for Neurocare and Cash for Kids. We had also asked attendees to donate pet supplies to benefit the Sheffield RSPCA. It was lovely to be able to do something for my hometown pet rescue facility.

Our venue was the Sheffield City Hall and simply spectacular. We couldn’t have had a nicer staff to work with and as you can see from the photo below we had an incredible attendance. The two hour event went so quickly and the atmosphere was electrifying. To be able to perform with my sisters was so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again. We raised 1,920 pounds and collected a lot of pet supplies.


I had been in touch with the Sheffield RSPCA prior to the event and was really excited to be able to meet Steve and the staff, deliver the supplies, and tour the facility. Impressed doesn’t even come close to how I feel about the facility and what they do for the animals that come in. The dogs have a two part kennel with the front of the kennel allowing them to get fresh air and look outside and then the rear of the kennel is inside the building. The floors are heated and they have their beds and toys for comfort. We saw some of the dogs and there was one in particular who caught our eye and that was Piglet. She had come in with mange and red raw skin. Oh she was cute and I was half expecting my husband to want to take her back to Vegas with us. She looked so healthy. The tour was interesting and it was nice for me and my family to be there together. The facility boasts kennels for the dogs, a maternity ward for the cats, an agility course, event space, shop, and an operating room.



The Sheffield RSPCA is clean, bright, and welcoming. If ever feel it would upset you to go and look at the animals needing homes please put that concern aside. Once you see this great place and the care these animals get you will be so happy that the Sheffield RSPCA exists. I have to say it was one of the highlights of my trip. It left me wanting to get back to England to do more for them.





Every time I go home I love to see as much history as possible. We visited so many places and one thing I did notice no matter what city we were in was that the Jack Russell and Springer Spaniel were popular breed amongst others.


Every time we saw a dog we were reminded how much we missed our own dogs and I have to say we had my sister’s dogs as a comfort. Below is Princess Madonna she slept with us every night. This trip was so memorable I cannot wait to get back.


You can donate to the Sheffield RSPCA here Sheffield RSPCA
To attend one of my sisters’ Zumba classes In Sheffield go to Dance Star UK

I’m going to close this post with a few photos of our trip….enjoy!















Humane Society Releases Shocking Report on Petland Chainstore Supporting Puppy Mills

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Click the link below to view the video and take action

Humane Society Video


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